Full Management Service

In addition to the items included in our Let Only Service we also provide a Full

Management Service, which includes the following:

Tenants will deal directly with our Office on all matters relating to the property.

Repairs and maintenance

Liaise directly with contractors for any maintenance required. Any expenditure required will be agreed with the landlord prior to any work being done.

Rent Collection

Monitor the payment of rent through our Office, which will be transferred to the landlords account net of any charges.

Check out

On expiry of lease, the property will be inspected and we will advise as regards the refunding of the deposit.

At the end of the lease term we will arrange for utility accounts to be transferred back into the landlords name and final bills forwarded to the tenants at their new address.

This service should appeal to Landlords who are not in a position or would prefer not to deal with their tenants directly.