Townhouse Refurbishment- Malahide – 2021

Renovation of 2 bathrooms, upgrade of bedroom wardrobes, doors ,skirting & architraves throughout property.

Apartment Refurbishment- Marina Village – 2019

Complete refurbishment of a ground floor 1 bedroom apartment

How to enhance sale appeal of your home

Spend money on what can be seen. Visibility adds value. Make the most noticeable improvements for a visiting buyer.

Improve curb appeal of your home

A new front door, a paint job of reasonable quality, pressure-washing windows, adding new exterior lighting, are all ways to give a fresh feeling to the exterior.
Also make sure your front garden is well maintained, remove any dead or dying trees, keep hedges and shrubs trimmed and grass cut.
If your property looks shabby from the outside, then potential buyers will be put off immediately.

Create a bright, open, airy feel

Buyers avoid dark, cramped spaces. You could improve this by changing the colour of a wall to make a hall, stairs or landing feel bigger.


Not just the obvious things such as knick-knacks and piles of old magazines but also excess furniture. Make sure viewers can comfortably move around the rooms so take out coffee
tables, laundry bins, and excess tables and chairs. Sometimes it is even worthwhile taking up old carpets and, if possible, sanding the floorboards beneath – Most potential buyers
won’t want to keep your carpets anyway so this gives them the option of keeping the floorboards or putting down their own carpet.

Spotlessly clean

Whether a house needs to be gutted or is in very good condition, there is no excuse for it not to be spotlessly clean, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Many people expect to have to do
a lot of renovation on a place after they have bought it, but dirt will put them right off. Get your property professionally cleaned, start painting, air out rooms. A couple of hundred euro
spent on cosmetics could mean a big difference in the selling price.

Remove all excess personal items

You should also consider depersonalizing your property to a degree for viewings. Remove all excess personal items such as photos and ornaments so that potential buyers can
imagine how their possessions might look in the property.